Introduction to Efoil - Private One-on-One Beginner Lesson

Introduction to Efoil - Private One-on-One Beginner Lesson

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 Minimum age: 12

Duration: 90 Mins total
30 min Ground School
60 min ride time
    Equipment Provided: 
    Bluetooth Communications Helmet
    Life Vest
    Liftfoils eFoil


      Before we touch the water, we start every lesson with a 30 Min Ground School.  We will teach you everything you need to know from Safety to Stance & Technique training ensuring your time in the water is as efficient as possible! 

      You will get up to 1hr in water time of professional eFoil instruction, with the goal of making you a competent and safe eFoil operator.  

      Lets stand up! 

      Learn speed control while you transition from belly to knees, to  standing while maintaining direction and board balance. 

       You will learn to fall under control and away from the board with the finger off the trigger. Your body will get used to the feeling of the board as you accelerate, decelerate and turn while standing up, and without allowing the board to leave the surface of the water.

      Once you have mastered the surface of the water, it is time to FLY! 

      You will shift your stance into the flight position and the efoil will become alive and start to slowly separate from the water. By shifting your hips from forward and back to manipulate the pitch of the efoil you will practice takeoffs and landings as your body gets used to the new amazing feeling. We call this "Micro flights."   

      In order to rent from us without an instructor, you must pass our eFoil Operator's test.  To pass the test the rider needs to demonstrate: 
      1. Holding the efoil 3 inches above the water for 5 seconds and landing the board in a controlled manner. 
      2. Controlled falling safely away from the board with finger off the trigger.
      3. You must show awareness of your surroundings and remain in the operations area as well as follow all local maritime rules and regulations.  

      After passing test, riders can Rent for $150 per hour

      *Take advantage of our lesson packages for discounts on private lessons*